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Suomi Gymnaestrada in Turku

The Finnish Gymnastics Federation will organize a National Gymnaestrada Event (Suomi Gymnaestrada) in June 2018 in Turku, Finland. Suomi Gymnaestrada gathers 10 000 participants for four days to enjoy gymnastics. From Thursday to Sunday 7 – 10 of June 2018, gymnasts conquer the city of Turku. Turku is located two hours west of Helsinki. The event includes for example group performances, competitions, gala performances, workshops and evening entertainment. In the spirit of the World Gymnaestrada!


Come and join us!

New experiences, friends, joy of gymnastics, memories that will last a lifetime. All this and much more is what Suomi Gymnaestrada Event will offer you. The event is aimed for all gymnasts: whether you are young or older, elite athlete or exercise once a week, come to Suomi Gymnaestrada and bring your friends with you. Any group of gymnasts can participate! There is no limit of age, nationality, size of group or what kind of gymnastics you are doing, everybody is welcome!

Bulletin in English

Bulletin in Russian

Preliminary entry is finished!

We are expecting about 9700 participants to Turku next summer! If you haven't done preliminary entry but wish to participate, you can fill the form HERE. Further information gymnaestrada@voimistelu.fi

Ticket sale has started! Buy your tickets in advance HERE!

Participant card

Every participant needs to purchase a participant card. The prices for 4 days:

  • Adults                                             94€
  • Youth (7-16 years)                        75€
  • Children (under 7 years)             45€

There is also an opportunity to buy participant cards for one day (Friday and Saturday). It allows you to participate all program (except for gala performances as an audience) on that day. The prices are:

  • Adults                                             50€
  • Youth (7-16 years)                        40€
  • Children (under 7 years)             20€

Payment and cancellation policies

15th of October 2017 Preliminary registration

31st of January 2018 Definitive registration and 50% of the price of the participation card will be charged as a registration fee
 - final day for booking school accommodation and meals

15th of April 2018 Last day for Late Birds registration
 - final day for purchasing participant cards
 - sending of the final invoice (non-charged part of the participant cards, school accommodations and meals)
 - final day for registering to Voimistelupäivät and Lumo -competitions

7th of May 2018 Due date for the final invoice

The club / group leader will make the registration for all the participants by 31st of January 2018. Cancellation policies concern every single participant / order. Cancellations will always be made in writing directly to the Finnish Gymnastics Federation at gymnaestrada@voimistelu.fi.

Those who cancel their participation between 1st of February 2018 and 15th of April 2018 will not be returned the registration fee, which means they will be charged 50% of the participation card.

Cancellations (participant card, meals, school accommodation) made on 16th of April 2018 or after, will be charged 100% of the price.

More information about the payment and cancellation policies please contact inkeri.lohikoski@voimistelu.fi

Additional information: 

Finnish Gymnastics Federation, Hämeentie 105 A, 00550 Helsinki

Project Director, Päivi Tamminen
+358 400 809 582


Project Manager, Eevakaisa Niemi
+358 40 7058 487